New Star Trek game in the works

There’s a Star Trek game coming and the good news is that it isn’t being directly tied to a new movie. It is set in the “young Star Trek” universe of the J.J. Abrams directed movie of 2009, and it is being released in dangerously close vicinity to one: A new film is scheduled for next year, which is when the game will see release.

Movie writers Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman will also be involved, but God of War writer Marianne Krawczyk will be the main scriptwriter.

Developing the game is Digital Extremes, who was thought to have their hands full developing recently announced The Darkness II. They are otherwise mainly known for third-person action game Dark Sector.

The Star Trek game will focus heavily on co-op, with Kirk and Spock in the main roles, as they attempt to stop an unknown alien race from conquering the galaxy.

Star Trek challenges the boundaries of co-op gameplay with a galactic adventure that gamers and fans have never experienced,” said Tom Lesinski, President of publisher Paramount Digital Entertainment, although he didn’t say exactly how they aim to challenge those boundaries.

“Working closely with the Star Trek filmmaking team throughout development, the game is sure to deliver triple-A production values, a wide variety of gameplay and all the action you would expect from the hit franchise. This will be the definitive Star Trek gaming experience.” Well, it won’t have much competition, frankly, as Star Trek games traditionally have been a mixed lot. We hope there is power behind the words this time.

The game will be shown at E3 but away from the public eye. Stay tuned for more details.