Sony admits PSPgo was all sorts of wrong

With the still-codenamed NGP releasing later this year, Sony seems ready to admit that its ill-fated predecessor, the PSPgo, was a mistake. The PSPgo was designed above all else to be portable. But Sony sorta overlooked the fact that gamers might care how portable it was, seeing as they wouldn’t be inviting a device with cramped controls, minuscule screen and exorbitant price tag on any long road trips. “I could spend 30 minutes talking about what was wrong with PSPgo,” said SCE Worldwide Studios head honcho Shuhei Yoshida in an interview with CVG, stressing that they won’t be making the same mistakes with the NGP.

“There are lots of lessons we learned from the PSPgo,” Yoshida admitted. “Definitely we didn’t do something right with [it]. So there are lots of things like the hardware didn’t have the compatibility with the UMD library and not all the PSP games were sold on the PSN store. ”

“Hardware wise we made it our highest priority to make it small and portable but that’s not what people really wanted. Because when we made it too small the screen was smaller, the buttons were thinner. It’s kind of difficult, cramped into a smaller body.”

And let’s not forget that the PSPgo launched at a wallet busting $450, just $50 cheaper than a PS3. Hopefully, a ridiculous price point will be added to the list of mistakes they won’t be making with the NGP.