XCOM reboots on March 6 2012, PS3 version confirmed

XCOM surprised everyone last year, not only by popping its long-dormant head up, but by popping up with a new change of genre. The RTS gone FPS then went back into sleep-mode for a good while but it’s here again now with plenty of new details to gorge upon, as well as a new trailer.

First, let’s talk dates; the 2K Marin game will launch on March 6 2012. Next, let’s talk platforms; the 360 and PC versions are going to be joined by the newly-announced PS3 version, so Sony fans won’t miss out. Finally, let’s see the trailer, showing¬†Special Agent William Carter leading an elite squad in to fight off an alien invasion:

Good, eh? It’s like L.A. Noire meets, well, every other game ever. Seems like those “big changes” rumors weren’t true. Yet another game to look forward to in 2012, then.