Battlefield 3 to feature all-new Battlelog

With the success of Autolog, featured in games such as Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Shift 2 Unleashed, we wouldn’t take anybody for a nutjob if predictions of a similar system invading other EA titles were made. Now, here we are at the brink of E3 and it looks like none other than Battlefield 3 will be sporting the all new “Battlelog.”

As described on the game’s official blog, Battlelog will feature “powerful social tools, feeds and detailed player stats,” much like Autolog (and something else). However, since we’re talking about a first-person shooter, a few adjustments have been made to fit the genre and the Battlefield experience, like for instance, “manage your friends lists, squad up, create platoons, use voice chat and follow your friends’ progress in real-time, and more.” Also, should you be wondering how much EA’s going to charge for the service, lighten up; it’s all free.

Unfortunately, this feature is not set for an E3 unveiling, but info will no doubt pop up between the show and the release of the game this fall. The waiting game for another potential game-changer begins.