Black Ops escalating on PS3 in a week

With a May 3rd release on the Xbox 360 and June 2nd on PC, PlayStation 3 owners have been regrettably, albeit unwillingly, left in shadows, waiting for that latest Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC to be released. But let’s not dwell on what was, but rather on what will be; Activision and Treyarch have announced that the latest downloadable content for Black Ops, Escalation, will be released on PS3 on Friday 10th of June, which means next week.

Escalation, as you may recall, will add a quartet of maps (Hotel, Convoy, Zoo, Stockpile) with the inclusion of the zombie fest that is Call of the Dead. To celebrate the release, double XP will be set throughout the weekend.

No pricing has been announced but it’d be fair to assume it would set you back $15 (USD), unless Sony’s worked up some kind of surprise deal in wake of what’s happened. Unlikely though.