Dust 514 counting down to E3 goodness

It’s been a good while since we last heard anything related to CCP’s upcoming shooter/MMO hybrid Dust 514. In fact, it was revealed mid-2009 but has been dormant ever since. Two years of no news, until now. The official Dust 514 site has changed, now featuring a countdown ending by the time the year’s biggest event hits. E3. For what? It’s anybody’s guess.

Dust 514 is a first-person shooter taking place in the EVE Online universe. Developer by CCP Games, Dust 514 will bring that universe to consoles and ultimately – and hopefully – mash together a concept that’s been unheard of before. EVE Online players on PC will be able to interact with Dust 514 players on consoles, and whatever the outcome of that interaction is will affect the EVE universe. Or as CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson has described it, “while the fleet does the flying, the infantry does the dying,” referring to EVE Online and Dust 514, respectively. Here’s an idea of how it might work.

Dust 514 is set for release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, although not date has been set yet. We’re hoping CCP hasn’t forgotten that it might have something to do with that countdown.