Rumor: Xbox Live ‘Diamond’ revealed at E3

Reports are beginning to surface, as they have since the inception of the Xbox 360, that Microsoft will unveil an IPTV service for their console. Rumors of the streaming television service – supposedly set to be called Xbox Live Diamond – are getting a renewed push with the recent posting by Frank Show, VP of Corporate Communications at Microsoft, stating the company plans to market the Xbox more as an “entertainment brand this year.”

As always, rumors come and go like wildfire around E3 time, so don’t go putting serious stock in things like this. However, it could be a good possibility, as Shaw points out, Xbox is trying to provide “all of the entertainment you want. With the people you care about. Made easy.”

With Hulu, Netflix, and ESPN already onboard, the next logical step would be to reveal a streaming TV option. And Xbox Live Diamond sounds just the answer for a new tier to the Xbox Live membership plans.