Twisted Metal E3 trailer brings gothy mechs to the party

Add this to the growing number of ‘E3 trailers’ unveiled before E3.

For those of you invested in Twisted Metal‘s characters and canon, rest assured, this trailer features more bad live-action acting (though, not as much as the previous trailer). Apparently Sweet Tooth has some beef with a gothy doll-headed woman (possibly because she stole his Insane Clown Posse tickets), and Calypso (who may or may not be Criss Angel) gives him the go ahead to cast death on her.

For those interested in gameplay, two vehicles shoot projectiles at one another before turning into garish battle mechs. Of particular note, Sweet Tooth’s mech utilizes its “Sweet Shred” (patent pending) gatling gun to miss just about every shot.

If the game’s trailers have shown anything it’s that it doesn’t skimp on wafts of Hot Topic art inspiration. Wincing though the trailers may be for me, I can recognize that underneath all of that loud, abrasive goth garbage, there is a game that looks pretty fun.

Expect more from Twisted Metal at E3 this coming week.