EA and Insomniac announce Overstrike, first trailer

At long last, the fruits of the partnership between EA and Insomniac has been revealed. The previously Sony-exclusive developer is working on Overstrike, a co-op focused game to be published by the industry giant.

The game combines Insomniac’s imaginative weaponry with four-player action set in a cartoonish world that’s somewhere in between the developer’s own Resistance and Ratchet franchises. Its plot sees an elite team of agents band together to form Overstrike 9 and combat a threat that could see an end to the human race. Don’t worry; the story will feature Insomniac’s knack for witty remarks and comedy to put a spin on the spy tale.

Here’s the first trailer, introducing us to the team and having a little fun on the way. If there’s one point that it hits home it’s that this one should prove to be a good laugh.

Overstrike will head to both PS3 and 360, we’re just not sure when it will do so.