Kinect object scanning, auto Avatar creation coming to Xbox Live today

Another bit to slip out before Microsoft’s E3 press conference is Kinect Fun Labs, an app that brings ‘cool new gadgets to Kinect with’; that’s the wording on the now-removed page on that also revealed Halo 4, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, and the Kinect sequels.

Fun Labs is not targeted at the core gamer though, quite the opposite in fact it seems.

“Kinect Fun Labs is a permanent addition to your Kinect hub,” explains Shannon Loftus, studio head at Good Science, in a Major’s Minute video posted on the site. “Right now you can play with four of the gadgets; there is Build a Buddy, which allows you to scan in any object that you love and play with it in a whole new way; there’s Googly Eyes, which allows you to scan in the object and be that object; there’s Kinect Me, which allows you to make an Avatar that looks just like you with your face, your style, your Avatar.”

There’s also Bobble Head, which allows users to turn themselves into, yes, a bobble head, and Kinect Sparklers, “a gadget that lets you use the unique capabilities of Kinect to express yourself creatively.”

“Every gadget lets you take photos or create little movies of your experience,” Loftus adds, “and then you can share them back into the hub through your friends feed.”

According to director of programming Larry Hryb, you can expect Kinect Fun Labs and the gadgets to pop up on Xbox Live immediately after the press conference.