New patch for The Witcher 2 released

Aside from the possibility of trimming your hair, which we obviously would need to do as any great assassin of Kings would, the latest patch (1.2) for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has been released which includes the latest DLC for CD Projekt’s RPG, “Barbers and Coiffeuses.”

While many are surely grateful for this, getting a haircut is definitely not as important as going bug-hunting. Unless said bugs are actually in your hair. Consequently, the patch diminishes the amount of bugs crawling around and adds a few new features and options like the automatic compression of save files (lowering the amount of disk space used) and the ability to delete save files should anyone want to do that; saves from The Witcher 1 are now imported correctly; combat has been improved by adding better and quicker responsiveness and the ability for Geralt to take on more than one enemy during a fight; numerous in-game dialogues have been fixed and list goes on and on.

The full extent of the patch can be viewed on The Witcher 2‘s official site. CD Projekt also reassured that all corrections and additions will be added to the recently announced Xbox 360 version of the game.