Nintendo servers hacked, “no third-party victims”

If Nintendo aims to improve online functionality with its soon-to-be unveiled new console destined for a 2012 launch, the company might want to look into its own virtual infrastructure first.

LulzSec, the hacking group blamed for the attack on PSN – although allegedly not involved according to the group itself – reportedly attacked Nintendo “just for Lulz” in order to expose its weak security. “We’re not targeting Nintendo,” claimed LulzSec though, adding, “we like the N64 too much; we sincerely hope Nintendo plugs the gap.” As proof of the breach, the group’s Twitter account linked to a server configuration file which apparently contained info on a number of Nintendo websites.

But the attack seemed to have stopped at that, just like LulzSec claims. According to Nintendo spokesman Ken Toyoda, “there were no third-party victims,” although admitting “there was some kind of possible hacking attack.” Another spokesperson added that “this particular situation was a server configuration issue that we investigated and resolved a few weeks ago. The server contained no consumer information.”