Rumor: 100+ L.A. Noire devs unaccounted for in game’s credits

When a game such L.A. Noire hits the shelves and proves to be as successful as it is, there’s no doubt people involved in the development of it will take pride in having merged their skills with hundreds of others to create what will most likely be one of this year’s most appraised games. But if your name doesn’t pop up when the credits roll, there’s motive for fighting back.

Although unconfirmed at this time, former members of Team Bondi claim the game’s credits are missing over 100 names. Their “proof” has been listed on a dedicated website on which a complete list of devs who should’ve been credited has been posted. A Facebook page has also been created.

“These people devoted their talent, creativity and passion towards the project and, as is common in the games industry, have not been credited because they were not there during the final month or two of production, or for some other subjective criteria,” says a member going, ironically, by the alias T.K. Rose.

“A significant portion of these people did not leave Team Bondi by choice,” said Rose, explaining “they were made redundant as the art production wound down, and as Quality Assurance was shifted off-shore to Rockstar’s studios.”

Rockstar has yet to comment on the matter.