Sony to show four unannounced Santa Monica Studios titles

Half a day away from Sony’s E3 press conference and anticipation is growing at what may be revealed once the PlayStation news starts flowing. Adding fuel to the fire are couple of tweets from Tim Moss, Sony Santa Monica’s Director of Technology, which reveal that at least four unannounced games will be shown today.

Moss originally said via Twitter: “#SMStudio has 8 games from our talented external teams at E3 this year. A shit load of devs worked really hard the last few weeks.” When asked what games were set to be shown, he replied, “Twisted Metal, Starhawk, Sound Shapes, Journey + 4 others that are not yet announced.”

The easy bet is one of the titles will be the just-rumored God of War 3D title, but the other three are up in the air. For another half a day anyway.