The Sims creator working on a new title

Will Wright, the man behind huge successes such as Sim City, The Sims and Spore, is apparently working on a new game based on Maneki Neko, a short story by science fiction author Bruce Sterling.

“He describes a karmic computer that’s keeping a balance of payments between different people, and causing them to interact with each other in interesting ways to improve their lives even though they’re strangers,” said Wright during the interview. “They earn karmic points that are redeemed by having somebody else help them.”

Wright hopes to get the game, or at least an “initial version” of it out within a year. “Unless you can get something to market within a year, at least an initial version within a year, you’re hosed.” He went on, explaining that will be his new way of thinking, detailing that “almost any project I want to work on is going to be something I can at least get some version out there in about a year and then iterate from there.”

The game has been hinted by Wright to launch on tablets, smart phones and Facebook, although details on that are still a bit fuzzy at the moment. A launch date wasn’t even discussed but considering Wright’s aforementioned comments, we’d expect the game to be released during 2012.