AT&T named exclusive broadband provider for PS Vita

Sony has named AT&T as its data provider of choice for PlayStation Vita. The news, which may come as a slight downer after the upper of the very reasonable price points of $249 (Wi-Fi) and $299 (Wi-Fi/3G) was met with mixed reactions from the E3 crowd.

Sony is specifically touting two new services that the speedy pipes will provide. Pre-installed on each system is “near,” a location feature that allows users to see what others in their area are playing and which titles are most popular. Game information can be shared across PSN to meet friends and new players nearby. The second feature, “LiveArea,” provides an “interactive space” where users can access specific game info through PSN. Users will also be able to check activity logs and communicate with other users playing the same game.

Additional details about AT&T data plans and pricing will be announced later, according to Sony.