Virtua Tennis, Ridge Racer coming to Vita

Following Sony’s impressive PlayStation Vita showing at yesterday’s E3 press conference, two more companies have announced new games for the handheld.

The first is Virtua Tennis 4 from SEGA. A press release sent over by the publisher announced that this port would be using the system’s touch panels, motion sensors and cameras. We’d put our money on being able to control players with the back touch panel and taking shots by swinging the system itself.

SEGA also confirmed that they are developing four other titles for the handheld. A combination of IPs both new and old are currently in the works. The company showed off Yakuza 4 running on Vita earlier in the year; could the series join this lineup?

Over on the Namco Bandai side of things, the continued tradition of a Ridge Racer game at a hardware launch will be continued. The Cellius-developed racer won’t be a port of the upcoming Ridge Racer: Unbounded. It’s far more likely to be a more standard entry into the franchise.