Rumor: Mass Effect 3 to feature multiplayer

By now, industry people such as developers and publishers should know the ramifications of avoiding and/or dodging answering a particular question; whenever you do, you inadvertently – or not – start rumors which are bound to spread like wildfire once they hit the net.

The latest one to have sparked an already fueled field of speculations, is Mass Effect 3 developer BioWare. When asked about a possible multiplayer mode being incorporated into the company’s upcoming action-RPG, founder Ray Muzyka weaseled his way out of answering said question. But the damage was done.

“We have nothing to announce today at E3,” Muzyka responded. That’s more than was ever needed to start the rumor going. A simple “no” would have squashed all possibilities of people coming together to save Earth and ended speculations of a multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3, yet Muzyka opted not for such an answer.

Time will tell. After all, we did learn about the game going hand-in-hand with Kinect, not to mention the impressive footage and release date we all witnessed. The hype is building up and should BioWare introduce multiplayer to the franchise, the announcement will be made whenever momentum is not at its peak.