There’s not enough room for Snake on a 3DS cartridge

When Snake returns on 3DS later this year, he’ll be on a special cartridge. We don’t mean like an Ocarina of Time gold cartridge, we mean that the thing had to be bigger because the game wouldn’t fit on the usual size. NowGamer has revealed that Konami had to ask Nintendo to make special 4GB carts just so they could fit Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D onto the device.

At an event during E3, creative producer at Kojima Productions Yoshikazu Matsuhana explained: “We incorporated so many 3DS-exclusive features into this game, but the only problem we ran in to was the size of the 3DS cartridge itself. We spoke to Nintendo about this issue and they let us use, for the first time ever, an exclusive 4GB cartridge for the game.”

Is the 3DS already starting to show its age? Will more games need to utilize bigger cartridges?