Wii U could feature facial recognition

With all the bells and whistles attached to the Wii U, talking about other possible features starts to hurt our heads. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has plenty of new ideas knocking around in his noggin’ though, as a recent Iwata Asks session revealed (via Eurogamer). This time, the pres focused on the controller’s camera, and the possibility of facial recognition.

Speaking to Shigeru Miyamoto, Iwata stated: “It certainly seems possible from an engineering standpoint that the camera will recognize you if you position the new controller to look at you.”

As an example, Iwata spoke of using facial recognition to speed up the process of weighing yourself on a Wii Balance Board. He added: “It would be much more accessible if all you have to do is to hold it, press a button and stand on the Wii Balance Board.”

Like the good employee that he is, Miyamoto concluded: “I think so. I hope it turns out that way.”

It could have some good uses. It would be awesome to have a horror game that laughed at you every time it made you jump for example.