Hitman: Absolution ups the ante on cut-scenes

Speaking to Danish newspaper Politiken, associate producer Teis Anker Mikkelsen from IO Interactive reveals that a lot of focus for the fifth game in the Hitman series have been put on the cut-scenes.

“For our cutscenes we wanted the best people on the market, and we’ve looked more towards Hollywood than our game competitors, because we didn’t think that what is out there right now is good enough,” Mikkelsen says in the interview.

The developer is using Giant Studios for the motion capture sessions, which was used for Avatar and Thor, among other things.

They are using full motion capture for the game, and, in the mold of Uncharted, the entire performance is recorded at once, including voice and gestures. Veteran character actor Keith Carradine and Marsha Thomason, who has appeared on Lost among other things, will have two of the main roles.

“When all the cutscenes are put together they are almost feature film length,” Mikkelsen states, and goes on to explain that he expects Hollywood to be continually more involved in the series over the next games.

For some glimpses of gameplay check out the beginning of the video and 2:07 in.