Metal Gear might head to Wii U

The Metal Gear Solid franchise might be among all those third-party games headed to the Wii U, Konami has revealed.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Metal Gear creative producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana confirmed that the publisher had been shown the new system well before E3, and was currently deciding how to support it.

“We are very much thinking about possibilities with the Wii U and it looks like a very fun system,” he said. “As for whether we’ll have something at launch for the Wii – we can’t say that. Probably not, but we definitely have things in mind.”

When later pushed about the possibility of a new Metal Gear for the system, Matsuhana replied: “We anticipated we would get questions about this today and unfortunately our answer is, we can’t answer that. We can’t say anything right now. Top secret.”

At this point in time, it seems like the Wii U could be launching in mid – late 2012, which is also when we’re expecting Metal Gear Solid Rising. Put two and two together and it’s not hard to imagine swiping the screen to make Raiden cut through his enemies.