PlayStation Home experiencing “record traffic”

We wouldn’t quite call it a blessing in disguise but there certainly has been a silver lining to Sony’s PSN cloud. Company executive Jack Buser has spoken to Gamasutra about some of the benefits of the recent PSN outage, citing “record traffic” for their social service, PlayStation Home.

“We’re having record traffic in Home,” he said. “The week we restored the service, we hit a new record in terms of weekly unique users.

“We were watching the numbers and we were just so excited. We were just dancing in the streets.”

Home is the only service to break records since returning, but Sony also gave off a few reassuring facts about PSN’s return during this week’s E3 conference. Buser added: “The numbers are through the roof. I think it speaks to the loyalty of our user base, and to the power of these kinds of platforms.”

Will the service manage to keep these numbers up?