Bleszinski keen on bringing Gears to mobile platforms

Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski has shown signs of interest in bringing the Gears of War universe onto mobile platforms. This wouldn’t be the first time we read about the developer embracing gaming on-the-go.

“What I would like to do eventually down the line is get to the point where we not only have a Windows phone but an iPhone [game] … basically to have those devices [and Gears Of War on console] talk to each other,” said Bleszinski during an interview at E3. “That’s where it’s all got to go. All the developers recognise this, but what needs to happen is the platform holders need to have their platforms open to this idea.”

But in wake of the PlayStation Network outage, such plans may have been stalled for an undefined period of time. Expressed Bleszinski, “networks are [now] going to get more guarded before they become open in the future. That’s kind of a shame, because I’d have loved to, you know, make a future triple-A game that then has a mobile component which directly ties into it.”

The company’s upcoming Xbox 360-exclusive Gears of War 3 will hit shelves mid-September later this year.