Bobby Kotick denied access to E3 Battlefield 3 show

A source close to CVG witnessed the Activison/EA rivalry taken to new heights at E3 this week.

Bobby Kotick, overlord of the Call of Duty publisher had sent his PA over to the EA booth to find out if he could get a screening of the Battlefield 3 demo that was being shown to the press behind closed doors. EA reps present on the show floor reportedly considered the offer for a few moments before refusing. Kotick’s PA left in a bit of a huff, apparently.

We wonder just how far this story is going to go because it was Kotick of all people. The real question is if Ubisoft, Capcom or other heads have been to see any of the publisher’s work this show. Was this treatment exclusive to Activision? Was it simply because of this year’s show down with Modern Warfare 3?