Forza 4 doesn’t have Autolog (but it does)

Forza Motorsport 4, the jewel in Microsoft’s racing crown (the other parts consisting of Kinect Joy Ride) will have a social service named Rivals mode, Videogamer reports.

This mode allows players to compare and beat friend’s times, collecting bounties for any records they smash. The higher the skill of the player, the bigger the reward for beating him. The foundation of the service sounds a bit like (read: exactly like) Need for Speed‘s Autolog offerings. While Turn 10 content director Mark Wendl admitted the service was an inspiration, he was also keen to emphasize that Rivals takes Autolog “to the next level”.

Speaking of the two systems, he said: “It certainly builds on a lot of those things, but I think with some of the additions like the bounty, and some of the other features around car clubs and how they interact, I think it’s kind of taking it to a whole new level.”

Look for Forza 4 to launch in October. Latest screens here.