More first-party titles likely to incorporate Kinect – Microsoft

Microsoft continued its push for Kinect and motion-sensing functionality in games at E3 this week, which was made apparent during the platform holder’s press conference where most games on display had incorporated the tech to some extent. Forza Motorsport 4‘s head-tracking, Mass Effect 3‘s voice command and Kinect Fun Labs’ object scanning among others.

While third-party developers are starting to embrace and add motion-sensing and voice capabilities to their games, Microsoft will take it one step further according to Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer.

“It’s not a mandate that everything we do in first-party has to support Kinect right now,” said Spencer. “But I will say, specifically with voice, that there are some things that just seem to make navigating and playing games so much easier, that I would guess the answer will be yes in the end, that you’ll see all first-party games using some form of Kinect functionality.”

He added: “it’s just using the advantages of what Kinect brings to make the experience better. So I think there’s some specific examples where Kinect makes everything better.”