Rage 2 to appear on PS3 and PS4?

id Software boss and all round gaming legend John Carmack has spoken to Gamespot about the chance of Rage 2 and what systems we’ll see the sequel on.

When the website asked him if a to Rage sequel was planned he replied: “Yes. We haven’t got a formal, official announcement, but we’re certainly headed in that direction.”

More interesting is the fact that the sequel will most likely be coming to next generation systems as well as current generation ones. That means that while Rage 2 could be the PS3’s swan song, it could also be just the tip of the iceberg for the PS4. “I am working on next-generation engine technology and what we’ll be doing with graphics when we start really rethinking it,” Carmack said. “It’s likely that the project after Doom 4, the next major one, will be designed around being cross-generational.”

The Rage team will indeed be moving to work on Doom 4 once Rage is out the door, so don’t expect the sequel anytime soon.