Crytek CEO: cloud is the future, but challenges remain

Cloud services are all the rage these days. Apple just announced cloud functionality for their devices and Microsoft has some exciting plans for cloud access to gamertags and game files. Crytek has now also thrown their support behind the cloud.

Cevat Yerli, the development house’s CEO detailed his support in a recent interview, stating that “cloud gaming is the future, inevitably.”

He went on, however, to explain the challenges to realizing that future: “Crysis 2 isn’t built to be scaled on a cloud. Crysis 2 is not a cloud game. Crysis 2 is a client-based game that is running on a cloud. And yes, it has the benefit of that scalability on the client side, but it is inefficient on the server side, because it’s not meant to be on a cloud. Until this is overcome, and people build proper cloud games, this will always be a business issue.”