Quick hands-on / Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Arcade air combat action doesn’t get the attention it used to, but Namco’s still keeping it alive with a brand new title in the Ace Combat series. While the fighter jet action is still alive and well, this entry will be the first to let players pilot helicopters.

The demo mission I played sent me off to help clear out an area for some infantry to land in and carry out their mission. From there, I became an escort for that very same platoon. Combat was as simple as holding down left trigger to lock onto a target, and firing. Usually I was using the minigun, but for large groups of vehicles, missiles came in handy, and I had a few different kinds at my disposal as well. The main challenge was maneuvering the chopper, as sometimes getting a beat on a moving target meant the right placement. The controls, though, are also pretty intuitive. It was only a matter of minutes until I got my bearings with the left and right sticks.

The mission I was playing was also long. In fact, it was too long. I don’t think I came even close to finishing it before my time ran out, and yes, I cleared the landing zone AND escorted the platoon. From there, a handful more objectives sprung up, and they all were more or less the same: shoot these dudes before they shoot us. Again, it’s classic arcade action, right down to the basic goals.

The game also promises a variety of multiplayer, with competitive and team modes available, and still more to be revealed, this actually had me interested and wishing I could try it. But with October 11 right around the corner, it won’t be long to see how this whole package fares.