Capcom reassures fans about Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

There was a lot of skepticism surr0unding the reveal of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Capcom’s upcoming re-issue of Dead Rising 2 with Frank West of Dead Rising returning as the main character. On the surface it can seem like a cynical speculation in fans’ fondness for the character, especially seeing it is not to be merely added DLC, but a full retail re-release.

The title has been showed off at E3 and in an interview with Eurogamer, executive producer Jason Leigh of Capcom Vancouver addresses some of the issues surrounding the title.

“We always knew with E3 after Captivate we had to show more. And the two things I guess could be perceived as negative that came out of Captivate were, how different is it, and what’s the price? Those two things didn’t really get answered at that show.”

The developer showed off the new Theme Park area at E3, which is bigger than any area in the original game. New gameplay features have also been shown, including the returning photo feature from the first game.

“Here, what we’ve done in showing the Theme Park and this giant new environment and this new gameplay we’ve added, that answers the first question,” he says. “And now we can finally reveal the price, which is $39.99 for North America.”

So this is the message that he and the rest of the development team is trying to get across, and he hopes that what has now been showed is enough to convince the doubters.

“There’s a ton of added value here,” Leigh states. “We have the new environment, weapons, combo weapons, new clothing, food items, vehicles, new bosses and the new story.”

“It’s a much bigger game than Dead Rising 2 was.”

“Either for return players coming back, they’ll get a very different experience, or for people who have never played a Dead Rising game, or perhaps have only played the first one, they’re getting a full-fledged product for a budget price. That’s awesome.”

Is this enough to convince the skeptics? We have our doubts. It will be interesting to see if this kind of repackaging of an already released game can have an impact.