No new Lara Croft game “in the near future”

Crystal Dynamics’ global brand manager Karl Stewart has come out and said that there won’t be a follow-up to the critically and commercially successful downloadable title Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

“For us, that Lara Croft was, in a way, it was sort of the furthest possible extension of that iteration of Lara. Once we finished Guardian of Light, obviously we knew we were making this version of Tomb Raider, ” Stewart has told Joystiq.

And it wasn’t that Guardian of Light hasn’t been a hit in terms of money. “In business terms, it was very successful,” he stated, before admitting that there also were problems with the game: “In terms of issues, the one issue that plagued us all the way through, which looking back we would’ve changed our minds to do other things, was definitely the online. I wish if we had the ability and had the information, we could’ve been a bit more transparent.”

The team had to postpone the implementation of online co-op, which was finally done via patch after several delays.

This doesn’t mean there will never be a new Lara Croft game, however, just that the studio won’t be working on one “in the near future.”

“We don’t currently have plans on the table, but it was an exciting project and you just never know.”

Still, the success of the game has meant that its game director David Neuberger is now game director on the new Tomb Raider.