Spec Ops is MW3’s most improved feature – Bowling

Infinity Ward’s creative strategist and all-round community guy Robert Bowling has spoken a bit about the return of Spec Ops in Modern Warfare 3, and how he believes it’s ‘by far’ the most improved feature in the game.

NowGamer has picked up on an ‘Ask me anything’ session on reddit. One fan asked what Bowling feels is the game’s most improved feature, to which he replied: “Spec Ops by far. Adding in the matchmaking, progressive ranking, killstreaks and unlocks, and wave based modes have made Spec Ops everything we always wanted it to be when we first introduced it. Also, returning to gun on gun focused multiplayer is a big thing for me.”

Going into specifics, he talked about the new survival mode, and how it adds to those improvements. “It brings a lot of stuff to the game that we’ve never done before,” he said. “Plus you get to use a lot of Multiplayer features without worrying about them being over-powered (since its co-op and not competitive MP), so you get to do shit like have an awesomely powered ACR and take on bomb dogs with Juggernaut and it doesn’t matter if its completely ludicrous since it all takes place outside the story mode. Its all about just having fun.”

Modern Warfare 3 launches in November, complete with Spec Ops, campaign and multiplayer modes.