THQ closes Homefront developer Kaos Studios, Digital Warrington

THQ has confirmed that it is closing down two of its development studios: New York-based Kaos Studios and UK-based THQ Digital Warrington.

Kaos is the developer of military shooter Homefront released earlier this year, and THQ’s Montreal studio will take over the reins of the franchise from now on. The studio was also behind 2008 FPS Frontlines: Fuels of War.

THQ Digital Warrington was behind the Juiced driving games before coming to THQ. Lately, they’ve worked on downloadable titles Red Faction Battlegrounds and Warhammer 40K: Kill Team.

THQ’s reason for the closures, via Gama, are given as “strategic alignment within its internal studio structure,” although there have been suggestions from the publisher that it found Kaos’ Manhattan address expensive.The employees will be given the opportunity to interview at the publisher’s other internal studios.

Kaos had staff laid off in April, leaving the developer with about 70 people. THQ Digital Warrington had about 45 staff at the time of the closure.