No Tekken for Vita right now but creator is interested

PS Vita is one of the few platforms that actually doesn’t have a confirmed, true Tekken game in development right now, but that doesn’t mean one will never come.

Series creator Katsuhiro Harada has told Eurogamer that the hardware behind Vita “interests” him, detailing how a new Tekken could possibly take advantage of that hardware.

“We have so much Tekken at the moment … Even though there’s a list of things I would like to do, and Vita is one of them, it’s hard to do that at this point. But I’m interested in the hardware,” he said.

“… There are some ideas that interest me, such as the GPS feature.

“There’s a thing in Tekken called ghosts where a certain CPU character will have a player-like name and will perform in a way a human opponent might. They have a ranking and everything.

“So these ghosts, if you could perhaps leave your own ghost on a certain coordinate based on your GPS location, and another player, if they come to that location, they can battle your ghost or collect it or something.”

The idea sounds a bit like the 3DS’ street pass functionality, just without requiring two systems to pass each other. “That would make it interesting to go to different locations and meet different ghosts and collect them. That’s one thing that interests me.”

Tekken will of course head to Vita via Street Fighter X Tekken next year.