THQ to announce something “big” at Gamescom

THQ, publisher of Homefront and the Red Faction games, has revealed that something “big” is coming to this year’s Gamescom.

Speaking to Eurogamer, core games division boss Danny Bilson stated: “I promise a big announcement at Gamescom. It’s unannounced, a new announcement.”

This announcement of an announcement was of the extreme tease type, as Bilson continued: “I can say that crowd, those hundreds of thousands of people, in that space at that time, this one’s built to announce at that place. I’ll say that. That’s my clue.”

Speculation is pointing towards Homeworld 3 or Dawn of War 3 at this point in time. THQ lifted the lid on Metro: Last Light and Darksiders II recently, so it’s anybody’s guess.