Epic boss excited for Vita, Wii U

God bless Mark Rein, boss of Epic games. It seems everyone is down on both PS Vita and Wii U, claiming that one won’t fit into the market while the other’s going to be too expensive, but not this guy.

Speaking to Joystiq, Rein expressed his excitement for both of the upcoming systems. Epic were one of the developers present at Vita’s announcement earlier in the year, and their support for Sony’s system hasn’t wavered since: “The Vita blew me away. I was shocked at how badly I wanted to take one of those home with me.

“The PSP was never that kind of a device,” he explained. “People are worried about where Vita lives in the world of iPod Touch and iPhone, but it’s a completely different device.

“It’s hard until the device is in the market and people know how users are gonna respond, but I came away really lusting for one.”

Moving over the the Nintendo side of things, Rein was equally positive. “I can tell you that I got to see it at E3 and it was what I expected of course. We were very excited to play some of their demos, see how good the feel of the hardware was – it’s a very impressive system and I think it’s gonna do quite well,” he said.

“‘If Nintendo made a system that could run our engine, we’d be on it like water on fish. And so when someone asked me what I thought about the Wii U, I said, ‘Water, meet fish.'”

And E3 overall? “I thought E3 was really good – I thought the industry looked good,” he added.

“The quality of games on display was extremely high.

“It’s definitely a boom or bust mentality now … there was definitely more boom than bust”.

The Gears of War team are looking up then, as we all should be. Stop being such a debbie-downer, Carmack!