Fable: The Journey is “definitely not on rails,” Molyneux assures

The disappointing demo for Fable: The Journey screened at this year’s E3 reinforced the belief that the Kinect-enabled spin-off would be on-rails, a notion that Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux sought to dispel in hilarious fashion.

“My name’s Peter Molyneux and I made this horrendous mistake,” he said in a public service announcement apologizing for the team’s decision to remove navigation controls from the press demo. Molyneux went on to assure the gathered gaming journalists that Fable: The Journey is “definitely not on rails,” promising full freedom of movement through the trilogy’s fictional, fantastical world. He even went so far as to ask all the journos to sign a giant dry erase board as a testament to their belief that he was telling the truth for once, a sorta nerdified twist on the oath of allegiance.  Without all the hand kissing.