Last-gen tech still pits Wii U above PS3, 360

Despite an E3 reveal last week, we’re still not completely sure what kind of power Nintendo’s Wii U is pushing.

Engadget has been doing a little digging however and come up with some interesting specs. According to the tech site, the system uses a custom Radeon GPU similar to the R770 found in AMD’s last-gen cards. Old, then, but not as old as the tech found in PS3s and 360s, meaning it’s very possible that the new hardware will outperform its competitors. Direct X 10.1 also runs on the core, which is more than the 360 can say.

We’re sure given a few years the hardware will be pushed to make Uncharted, Killzone, and Crysis look dated, but by then won’t we have a new 360 to think about?