Report says Sony withheld PSN hack info to ‘downplay’ situation

The hits just keep on coming for Sony following the disastrous PSN hack of April and May 2011. A new report from Kyodo News (via) is stating that the company knew of the PSN hack and data breach a long time before its customers were alerted.

Submitted to the Japanese government, the report states that Sony internally confirmed the hack on April 25, though only stated that they couldn’t “rule out the possibility” of such an attack to the public on April 26. This also means that Kaz Hirai’s statement on May 1, claiming that the company didn’t discover the hack until April 26 was also false.

A company spokesperson also confirmed to the report that: “We hadn’t figured out (at that time) what kind of data had been leaked. If only passwords and IDs (were breached), they cannot be considered personal information, and so we didn’t want to bewilder our customers.”

You could see it that way, or you could take Kyodo’s view that Sony “deliberately attempted to downplay the seriousness of the situation by not fully disclosing information”.

Either way it doesn’t look good.