Twisted Metal Vita? Sony “haven’t asked” Jaffe

It seems that the risky road towards Twisted Metal‘s PS3 rebirth is keeping both Sony and developer Eat Sleep Play from confirming a Vita spin-off or any possible sequel for now.

Speaking to 1up about the possibility of a Vita version of the crazed combat game, dev boss David Jaffe replied: “They haven’t asked us. I think right now, people have been asking that all week and I think it would be a fun fit but to be honest with you… every game we’ve worked on we’ve been able to read the tea leaves better on ‘Do we have a hit or not?’ And with Twisted Metal it’s been really, really hard because we know we have a huge fanbase that loved the earlier Twisted Metals, they seem to be loving what they’re playing on this one. It’s a game that we’re super-proud of and it’s the best Twisted Metal we’ve ever made. But what we don’t know is, when we go out, does it have a home like it used to have a home?”

Basically it’s the classic issue of is the game is going to sell or not.

“And so I don’t think any of us are being presumptuous and saying, ‘Oh yeah, this is the starter. We’re gonna make one and two and a Vita version and a Facebook version.’ We have no clue,” Jaffe added. “This could go out and be the last Twisted Metal we ever make or it could go out and be the start of a franchise. But unlike a lot of other games we make in this industry where you kind of know by now, we really don’t know. We don’t have any clue yet.”

Based on the E3 demo, we’re hoping that there’s more Twisted Metal to come after the reboot’s October 4 release.