Assassin’s Creed creative director now at work on new IP for THQ

Patrice Desilets of Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia fame, who left Ubisoft after 13 years last summer, is now officially settling in at his new THQ home.

After taking a year-long “creative break from the industry” (read: his non-compete clause was up last month), the creative man is all set to deliver new intellectual properties at the publisher’s Montreal studios.

The process is only getting started though, so it’s best not to expect any announcements anytime soon.

“The creative freedom that THQ gives its artists and developers–and their willingness to make games that truly reflect an artistic vision–really drew me to THQ,” said Desilets. “I plan to build an incredibly talented team at THQ, and am very anxious to get started on creating a new project.”

THQ has already secured three “key members” from Desilets’ old Ubisoft team. According to the publisher’s core games division boss Danny Bilson, Desilets¬† ‘needed these three guys.’

The Montreal studio was formally opened just last year. It will house two AAA development teams.