Magic coming to Angry Birds after 250 million downloads

It’s time for another “oh my god can you believe how many people have bought Angry Birds?” story. Techcrunch is reporting that the casual game has now been downloaded a staggering 250 million times across all available platforms. Founder Peter Vesterbacka confirmed as much at this week’s Webby awards.

Vesterbacka also detailed some new features heading to the game, specifically a new service called Angry Birds Magic. This new system will unlock exclusive content inside the game depending on a range of factors. Users with NFC-enabled phones will be able to unlock new levels while similar bonuses could be obtained by buying Angry Birds toys with special chips in them.

Also detailed was the ability to unlock new content by simply playing Angry Birds in specific locations. Your phone will pick up where you are and then allow access to the new stuff.

We’ll prep the slingshot and aim for the nearest hot spot, then.