Nintendo “not willing” to gamble on free-to-play

With the boom that has become the free-to-play model adapted by so many developers, you’d think Nintendo would eventually want a piece of the cake. That’s not the case, as expressed by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata during a recent interview. Iwata explained that the company would rather “try to maintain the overall value of video games.”

“We have no intention to provide a property to any other platforms, or making them available in a mode that does not require consumers to pay at all. Nintendo is a company, which is trying to maintain the overall value of video games,” said Iwata. “When we look at the entire system of freemium, it’s not always that everyone is happy with the offers,” he added.

When questioned about the success other companies have achieved through a free-to-play model via advertising and microtransactions, Iwata admittedly agreed that “there are great examples of advertising and doing the microtranscactions, and several companies who have come up with that kind of system,” but expressed he didn’t believe it to be worthwhile in the long run, and that Nintendo is not willing to gamble like that.

“But on the other hand, if you ask me, is this a system that can be sustained for the long time? I don’t know the answer. And, my point is that I’m not willing to go that direction, as well.”