PS3 version chosen for Battlefield 3’s console debut

As most probably already know, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is hosting games all week long, which makes his show our favorite talk show. And, while we normally don’t write about his visitors in this fashion, this one deserves another post just because it will answer the one question everybody has been asking: How will Battlefield 3 look on consoles?

DICE’s upcoming FPS is probably one of the best looking games out there. There’s enough Frostbite 2 and footage to prove that. However, the only way to reach that level of fidelity is what seems to be through a monster of a PC rig, which takes us back to that earlier question: How will the game look on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? DICE reassures it’ll look good, but then again, the dev is committed to making Battlefield 3 the most perfect shooter out there on PC. To set the record straight, DICE’s Johan Dohl will be debuting the game on PlayStation 3 tonight on the show.

If you can’t tune in, we’ll be posting the footage sometime tomorrow.

Battlefield 3 is set for a late-October release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.