Take-Two takes a beating following LA Noire sales, lousy DNF reviews

Following the lower-than-expected US sales of LA Noire and the harsh critical reception of Duke Nukem Forever, Take-Two shares have taken a bit of a tumble.

The company’s shares have fallen 4 percent to $14.80, and value has dropped 15% since mid-May, according to MarketWatch.

The culprits, like said, are believed to be LA Noireits ~900k copies sold failed to live up to last year’s lofty sales of Red Dead Redemption (1.5 million in the same period) — and Duke Nukem Forever, which has been harshly pounded by critics.

The long-awaited game still managed to jump directly to #1 on the weekly UK charts.

Cowen & Co.’s Doug Creutz believes the company’s chances of hitting its full-year earnings target have been “significantly reduced.”