Avalanche “doing what we can to help” former Kaos staff

As we learned a few days ago, New York-based Homefront-developer Kaos Studios has been shut down, a closure which cost a lot of people their jobs, a turn of events Avalanche Studios, who just recently opened up a new studio in NYC, finds “troubling.” And it’s not the first time the Just Cause developer showed its appreciation for the people working at Kaos.

“It is always troubling to us when a publisher shuts down a studio with the only explanation being ‘a strategic realignment of resources’,” said Avalanche Studios NYC managing director David Grijns. “We think Kaos and New York City as a whole deserved better than this,” adding that “most of their staff has already approached us.”

“We will certainly be interviewing many of them for our open positions and doing what we can to help,” expressed Grijns, and hopefully let them be a part of the studio’s upcoming, unannounced project which it has “big plans for.” More about that in the coming months.