Developers getting next level of Wii U hardware in June/July

The specs for Nintendo’s Wii U are still somewhat of a mystery, but we may get more of an idea of the power of the system later this month or into July.

Gary Dunn, Sega Europe MD of development has revealed to Eurogamer that devs will be getting next generation Wii U prototypes in either June or July. “It’s still a little early. There’s another generation of prototype hardware coming out in June or July that’s going to give us more information,” he said. Developers are currently working with older prototypes. However, given their current work they are “finding it to be quite powerful”, Dunn reported.

It’s apparently still “too early” to compare the tech to other consoles, but the team remains confident. “We’ve certainly found it easier to get prototypes up and running on next-gen definition visuals,” Dunn added, “so we’re quite pleased with it.

“Given the fact that one of our graphics engineers ported something across very quickly I would say the answer to [having easily understandable architecture] has got to be yes.”

So far it doesn’t sound like Wii U will be pushing the high end PC graphics of Battlefield 3, but should be something to give PS3 and 360 a run for their money.