Dragon Age II DLC to please core, new fans alike

Upcoming downloadable add-ons for Dragon Age II will attempt to address some of the criticisms fans have thrown at the title, BioWare boss man Ray Muzyka has assured.

The good doctor isn’t spilling the details on what to expect just yet though.

Despite managing to reach a new audience with the RPS sequel, which has been “very successful” commercially, BioWare’s admitted the game’s new direction also lost it some fans. Still, the studio is adamant on finding the golden path that would please both, be it through downloadable content or a new game entirely.

“We have some new DLC that’s upcoming that’s going to try and address some of the comments and try and provide the fans with the things they’re looking for, both the core fans and the new fans,” BioWare boss man Ray Muzyka tells Eurogamer.

“We’re committing to making sure all the products in the franchise going forward are going to appeal to a wide audience, both the core and more.”

He added: “We take the feedback of all of our fans, our core fans particularly, really seriously. We’re committed to trying to address that feedback.

“We think it was innovative. We’re proud of the risks the team took. We think it’s the right direction for the franchise. We also think there’s an opportunity to listen to the core fans who loved Dragon Age: Origins to make sure they’re with us on the journey going forward.

“We need to work hard to make sure that happens, that that is the case.”

While not yet formally announced, BioWare is currently also working on Dragon Age III.