Ex-Call of Duty devs take Activision case to trial

Jason West and Vince Zampella have won ground in their ongoing legal battle with Activision this week. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge supported claims that the publisher defrauded the ex-Infinity Ward developers by firing them before royalty payments were due. As such, the case will now go before a trial. The filing for the lawsuit was first made over a year ago.

The now-famous clash between the IW founders and parent Activision took place in early 2010, with the publisher firing the two on grounds of insubordination. Much has happened in the time that followed; West and Zampella have set up Respawn Entertainment and are working with EA on their first project while Infinity Ward moved on to make Modern Warfare 3. But this legal battle is only just about to get underway.

Activision also has their foot in the door with a related EA case that accuses the rival publisher of encouraging the duo to leave despite being under contract.

The West/Zampella side of things will likely go to trial at the end of this year or early 2012.